Babymoon Ideas for Expecting Couples

     The term baby moon refers to a trip taken by a couple who is expecting a baby as their last trip before the baby arrives into their family allowing them to indulge while they still can. These trips allow couples to bond and enjoy each other’s company helping to strengthen the relationship before the daily demands of a newborn become a reality. The best time to go on a babymoon is during the second trimester of a pregnancy when the physical symptoms of pregnancy are the most tolerable. Morning sickness in the first trimester can make traveling unpleasant and physical discomfort in the last trimester is also a deterrent. During the second trimester most women are comfortable and able to relax and enjoy their babymoon with their partner.

     There is no right place to plan a babymoon; however, most couples choose a location that is relaxing and offers features such as couples massage. Some couples like to stay close to home in case a medical need arises and others plan their babymoon destinations in an exotic location such as the Bahamas or Bermuda. Our top 10 honeymoon destinations is a great place to start for babymoon ideas.  The choice is individual and the risk level of the pregnancy and amount of time until the due date should be considered when choosing a location. Many women feel more comfortable consulting with their OBGYN to determine if it is safe to travel during pregnancy.

Babymoon Ideas

     Popular choices for a baby moon vacation are luxury cruise ships, spas and beachfront destinations that offer elegant dinners, massage therapy, and lavish parties. The goal of a babymoon vacation is to experience things that are not going to be as easily obtainable once the baby is born. Whether you choose a babymoon that is one day or two weeks be sure not to book your schedule too full. Take the time to relax and enjoy the company of your partner while pampering yourself.

     So, if you are planning a baby moon with your significant other make sure that you relax and enjoy this time. Pregnancy, child birth and parenting can often take its toll on a couple due to the increased workload and strain on the relationship. One of the best things a couple can do is partaking on a babymoon to help them reconnect before the baby arrives. Make the trip as memorable and romantic as possible. It is sure to be a trip that neither of you forget for years to come.