Endless Possibilities: Romantic Getaways in California

Are you looking for a nice place where you and your sweetie can relax and have some time alone? If beaches, wine, surf, and warm sunny days are your style, then consider the state of California. Romantic getaways in California abound in several areas in the state and can be a wonderful way to spend a weekend or longer away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

California is a popular choice for a weekend away and there are several weekend getaways in California to choose from that can fit into your budget. There is everything from great food and wine to fantastic city sights and beautiful nature trips too. Come to sunny and warm California and try out some of the following suggestions for romantic getaways in southern California and romantic getaways in northern California:

San Francisco

If you and your honey enjoy visiting city sights, touring beautiful and insightful museums, shopping at great stores and eating unbelievable meals, then San Francisco is the one of the romantic getaways in California for you. This city by the Bay has several high class hotels to choose from for your weekend away such as the Four Seasons or the Clift Hotel. And for lunch or dinner, try the luscious meals at the restaurants in the Ferry building or downtown near the Golden Gate Bridge. You’ll find not only seafood, but also a choice of ethnic foods, American fare and even street food like hot dogs or pretzels.

If you’d like a little look at the history of San Francisco, then take a tour of Alcatraz prison or head down to see how the tourists fare on Fisherman’s Wharf and then have some dinner in Chinatown. You can also ride a cable car or get on a ferry and ride over to Sausalito. San Francisco was voted to be one of the top favorite romantic getaways in Northern California.

Big Sur

If you prefer a quiet and more private trip, one of the top California getaways is Big Sur. There, you will find glorious views of the coast, majestic cliffs hanging over the sea, and several romantic inns or hotels to choose from like the Post Ranch Inn.  Or if you prefer, you can just sit on the beach with your sweetie and watch the waves crash against the surf, and enjoy the beautiful sunsets or sunrises as you snuggle close and enjoy each other’s company.  You can also visit the Point Sur Light Station or any of the numerous state parks or beaches.

romantic getaways in california

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is another of the popular romantic getaways in California. It is along the California coastline and near the deliciousness of the wine country where wonderful California wines are made. There are also loads of delicious foods to try at some of the city restaurants such as Tyde’s with Chef Joel Huff. It is also close to the small town of Montecito and is home to several beaches that make a perfect location for a romantic moonlit walk.  Come to Santa Barbara to experience what the Hollywood stars have known for years – that Santa Barbara is one of the best places to choose from for romantic getaways in California.

Los Angeles

Another of the romantic getaways in Southern California is Los Angeles. You and your lover can stay in the beautiful Ritz-Carlton LA with a fantastic view of the bustling city sights. It’s also the perfect location to enjoy yummy foods at the restaurants downtown like Italian pasta at the Italina Crudo or at the Culina. There are also more beautiful California beaches to take that moonlit stroll.

The Napa Valley

Napa Valley is home to the wine region and is another of the romantic getaways in California. There are wine tasting adventures as well as refreshing spas to relax and get rid of your tensions such as the Auberge du Soliel. If you have a sense of adventure, you can take a ride in a hot air balloon to see the vineyards from the sky. Then, touchdown and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine!


The adventurous couple may prefer Yosemite National Park as their choice for one of the romantic getaways in California. If you love nature, and think hiking, camping, and doing things like looking at waterfalls and beautiful trees and valleys, then this is the place for you to spend a romantic weekend alone together with your sweetie.

Benton Hot Springs

Another interesting place for a romantic getaway is Benton Hot Springs, where you will find hot tubs to relax in and Bed and Breakfast inns to rest your head at night. There are also spas that you can get an authentic mud bath, or other refreshing activities like massages. This makes this locations one of the romantic getaways in California for those who need a relaxing good time.

Catalina Island

This island offers vacationers a place to fish, go on a catamaran ride, stroll the beach or just relax with a serving of fish and chips. Whichever one of these activities that your sweetie enjoy, try this golden sanded isle as one of the romantic getaways in California.


This weekend getaway offers huge redwood trees, and other views of nature to anyone coming here for a quick vacation.

Valley of the Oaks

If you and your honey like the history of the Spanish missionaries, then come here for this  California romantic getaway. You can even visit William Randolf Hearst’s famous ranch house.


Feel the charm with this vintage town that used to be a place to do gold mining. It now is full of romantic horse carriage rides, Bread and Breakfast Inns, and luscious apple pies! Have fun with your sweetie in this town with its Victorian charm and romantic feel.

These are just a few of the romantic getaways in California to choose from where you and your honey can have a place to get away from the stress and strain of everyday life! Come to California and enjoy!