Exotic Honeymoon Destinations for Adventurous yet Romantic Couples

Honeymoons are something you want to remember forever.  Many years down the road, you will always be reminded of that romantic and sexy honeymoon with your spouse.  Of course, that means that you want to make the memory a unique one, and just going to a hotel off the beach is not going to cut it.  There’s nothing that makes you forget the rest of the world like going to exotic honeymoon destinations.  Whether you are going to Belize’ or to the French Riviera, you want to feel like you’ve left your world and entered another

One spot that must be on your places to consider is the Turks and Caicos. Just a short trip from Miami will bring you to an area that is hardly disturbed by man. The Parrot Cay is on its own private island and the place to stay. All honeymooners are greeted with complimentary champagne and you can have rose petals scattered around the room on your arrival. You will find white sandy beaches here with coral reefs that have never been disturbed.

Next off the coast of Florida we have St. Lucia and its mountain resort.  With the intoxicating beauty of St. Lucia, you will never believe that you’re only a three-hour flight south of Miami.  The reason why so many newlyweds come to this destination, and then return for anniversaries is because the island does not become crowded by tourism.  Also, it has some of the most gorgeous tropical mountains on this hemisphere.  St. Lucia is a place of crystal clear waters, with many exotic honeymoon packages and resorts.  These resorts are known for having only three walls in each room.  This way, you can take in the breathtaking view, right from your king size bed.  The Ladera resort has some of the most magnificent views on the planet. There are limited rooms and each room has no fourth wall. Also look into the Jade Mountain Resort where each room has its own infinity view and on view of the water and mountain side.

Off to the islands of the French Polynesia we go next and to Bora Bora. Bora Bora has been known as a honeymoon escape for a while and should not be dismissed without consideration. Look into the Hotel Bora Bora Honeymoon Escape which is an overwater bungalow that has numerous perks for the newlywed couple. You will love to experience breakfast delivered by canoe each morning.

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

If you are looking for something completely out of the ordinary look at the Eagles Nest Resort on the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. They only have four villas on the island. Each one is meant to feel like its own hotel. You will find an infinity pool, Jacuzzi and a fireplace in each unit. The honeymoon suite has an all glass shower for you to enjoy. Also nearby in Auckland you can find volcanoes and the Mollie Boutique Hotel which was named the best new small hotel in 2005 by Harpers Hideaway Resort.

For a look at the country side we are off to Scotland. We have two excellent choices.  The first is Glenapp Castle that will overlook the Irish Sea and enjoy the life of royalty in the castle. All rooms include a six course dinner and breakfast. For the extreme look at the Skibo Castle, the same place Guy Richie and Madonna were married. There are only 21 rooms so book in advance.

When you are looking to have a great experience on your honeymoon you need to look at exotic honeymoon destinations. This will make your trip a wonderful experience for the two of you to enjoy and remember for the rest of your lives. It shouldn’t be a trip that the two of you could make any weekend of your life.  So there you have some perfect honeymoon destinations to make your trip an unforgettable experience.  From beaches to castles, there are numerous options for all types.