Romantic Getaways in Michigan: Natural Slendor

Michigan is well known because of its spectacular natural splendor and points of interest. Romantic getaways in Michigan offer all kinds of things to do for couples to enjoy their vacation. The southern border of Michigan is shared by Ohio and Indiana and to its north and east, you have Ontario, the Canadian province. The western border is where you find Wisconsin.

romantic getaways in michigan

Have you been planning romantic getaways in Michigan? Spring to autumn is the best time to visit Michigan and really enjoy yourself. However, when you are looking for some romantic getaways, you can visit anytime. There are many romantic getaways in Michigan throughout the state worthy of exploring when choosing a good place for your next romantic vacation. For the purpose of those looking for romantic getaways in Michigan in the near future, here are some ideas:

  • Windmill Island – The town of Holland, Michigan is a heritage park with a 36-acre area cover. It is a heritage park that spans 36 acres. The park is serene and picturesque with its well tendered flower gardens and architectural designs of the Dutch. The park is known for its original windmill from Holland, called DeZwaan, as one of the most significant features, dating back to the 1760’s.
  • The art galleries of St. Joseph, Michigan – This is really a popular romantic center and a hot spot during the Magical Ice Carving Festival or the Venetian Festival. This offers you the right atmosphere when it’s time for your romantic vacation.
  • Mackinac Island – This is another of the romantic getaways in Michigan because it has served tourists for over 130 years. It is a place known for its original buildings and period pieces.  The island has no motorized vehicles and you can experience timeless carriage rides and Victorian hotels and buildings such as the famous Grand Hotel.
  • Traverse City – For a couple planning a fall honeymoon, this place offers many options. You would find ripe grapes in the city with wonderful scenery. The Leelanau Peninsulas and Old Mission surrounding the city are known for their wineries.
  • Thunder Bay – This place is not just for golf. There are many other things that make it one of the romantic getaways in Michigan. You could go on rides to hunt and search for elk. One thing the place is noted for is quilting. You can find a quilter’s retreat that lasts for four days and three nights. There are teaching seminars, demonstrations and workshops. You may also have spa treatments added to your quilting package, thus making it a wonderful place for relaxation and rest.

There are many romantic getaways in Michigan. No matter the part of Michigan chosen by you for romantic honeymoon, you are sure to be delighted and pleased with all the wonderful attractions and breathtaking scenery. Michigan is not only for honeymooners. It is also for those who are already married and just want to have a nice time together. Whether you are coming from outside the U.S. or from another state, you would always be surprised at what you would meet in one of the romantic getaways of Michigan. The heavenly lakes, the islands and the exquisite scenery are here to always make you come back for more fun.