Romantic Getaways in PA

You don’t need a reason or an occasion to just take off with your loved one for romantic getaways in Pennsylvania country. Pennsylvania is an incredible place to stoke your feelings for your loved one and to experience a beautiful world with just him or her. The romance of Pennsylvania country is just exquisite and gets many a heart racing with love. So what are you waiting for, take a pick from one of these fantastic weekend romantic getaways in PA!

The Chelsea Sun Inn

The Chelsea Sun Inn is an exquisitely romantic place which lies right at the foothills of the Pocono Mountains. These mountains engulf the little valley beneath and are the perfect stimulant for a love that knows no bounds. The Chelsea sun Inn, located in the heart of the Delaware water gap, is a place which has just four guest suites, which ensures that you have a grand place all to yourself. You have all the privacy you need from lovely fireplaces and Italian designs serenading the place. You have an exclusive wine yard at your disposal and there is no stone unturned to make sure that you are relaxed and you can enjoy a calm peaceful weekend away from all the noise left behind in the city. The Chelsea sun Inn provides the most relaxing massages and spa treatment. If you want to just soak yourself with comfort and relax with your loved one, then this is the perfect place for you.

The Sylvania Tree farm

Another gem in the Pocono Mountains is the Sylvania Tree Farm. This is an all season wonder and is located right at the edge of the ever blossoming Delaware River. This is a romantic dream. Once you reach this place, you have nothing but pristine forest, with a bustling river, silent mountains and untouched wildlife. If the view and the surroundings are exotic, it is coupled with the most extensive luxury indoors. The cabins have fully furnished rooms and even a kitchen and a rustic fireplace. The place exudes an old school charm that will never leave your presence. You can even just choose to unwind by sitting a nice bubbling hot tub with some champagne and a window to nature at its best. The farm is 1200 acres in size and has some very pristine trails within its boundaries. Its perfect for that early morning walk with birds chirping, the river glistening and your loved one right by your side.Romantic Getaways in PA

Fly into the Sky

Have you ever told your loved one that you could go to the moon and back for her. Well we aren’t promising you the moon but we surely can take you to the skies and up in to the clouds. There’s no greater experience than watching the world grow smaller under you as you escape into the clouds with your loved one. You will see grand displays of nature from a bird’s eye view. You can see hills and rivers, forests and farms. You will not ever want to come back after you do this. The sense of isolation you get here is priceless. You are far away from the world that you worry so much about. You are here with your love and its just the both of you high up in the sky. You will even have a wonderful bottle of champagne as the ideal partner to cheers to.  The US Hot air balloon company will give you some incredible deals for a day or more.  Enjoy the romantic secrets of Pennsylvania from the heavens up above.

Towers Victorian Inn Bed and Breakfast in Elk County

Do you want to go back to a different time on your romantic getaways in PA? Do you want your loved one to experience all the joys of the Victorian age? Then the sheer grace and elegance of the Towers Victorian Inn will give you a truly age old royal experience. The Towers Victorian Inn will enchant all your senses with a great mix of the old and new. This is an absolutely splendid 1865 mansion restored with the greatest luxury and some of the finest art and antique. The rustic feel to this place will make you forget the chaos of the city that you left behind. You will feel like your love has found a simpler time and the purity of the place will be the perfect setting for your romantic weekend. If the Luxury inside isn’t enough, you are just a few miles away from the Allegheny National Park, the incredible clarion river and a world of criss crossing trails. Find yourself a town which charms its way into your heart and will give you a romantic trip that you will not forget.

Pennsylvania will give you a romantic weekend that will stay for a long time to come.  You may also consider all inclusive Poconos resorts when searching for your place to stay.  The only thing left is to get out and enjoy one of the many romantic getaways in PA.