Spice Up Your Love Life With Romantic Getaways in Louisiana

If you want one of the best romantic getaways where you can take in beautiful, New Orleans jazz, glistening city lights, the intoxicating feel of the Southland, and long moss growing on the trees just over the bayou, then you might want to find yourself in one of the many romantic getaways in Louisiana.  This state has so much to offer, and you and your special someone will never forget the feeling of southern Louisiana.  If you want memories of Cajun beauty, then it’s time to fly south and experience the warm air of the French Quarter.

Sometimes all a relationship needs is one romantic getaway in Louisiana to rekindle your love with your partner. In Louisiana, you can enjoy going back to nature with their lovely amazing landscapes while also exploring modern life via their modern amenities particularly with their posh and romantic hotels. No matter what you prefer—modern, nature or quaint—there is always something for you from Louisiana.

Louisiana can be found on the southern part of the United States. On its border, you’ll find Mississippi, Texas and Arkansas. Within Louisiana, most lovers opt to visit New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The historic plantation homes in Natchitoches and New Iberia are also major tourist attractions that tourists from all over the world and the United States come over to visit.
Romantic Getaways in Louisiana

However, if you’re looking for romantic getaways in Louisiana, you don’t have to search very hard because these can be found all over the state. New Orleans and Shreveport have exotic downtowns where lovers can enjoy a nightlife that does not seem to end (except in the morning, of course). Just a walking tour around the city is enough to keep you fascinated because it has a beautiful natural landscape that would attract nature enthusiasts, tourists and even amateur and pro photographers. There are also various events and entertainment venues and adventures that you can try to discover in Louisiana.

For instance, you can visit the Louisiana Boardwalk where you can take your partner for a shopping spree. It has a 650,000 square foot total land area all adorned with entertainment and shopping establishments.

Louisiana Boardwalk

Just across from the Red River, you might want to take in the Louisiana Boardwalk.  This is one of the most favorite of all the romantic getaways in Louisiana because of the atmosphere.  One thing many have experienced is that this is a “family friendly” part of town, but at the same time, there are lots of romantic spots to unwind.  Of course, let’s not forget the beautiful twinkling lights over the water, and the smell of Cajun food in the air.  There are plenty of shops and attractions, but don’t forget to steal a kiss on the twinkling Texas Street Bridge.  The Louisiana Boardwalk is located near Shreveport and Bossier City.

You can also try to visit Avery Island which can be found in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. It offers a secluded place that is perfect for lovers who want to spend more quality time with each other. The exceptional charm of the state of Louisiana can also be experienced by joining their local events and programs which are organized all year round so no matter what month you come, you’re sure to experience and enjoy the local culture.

Bourbon Street

Get ready to take a full dose of all that Louisiana and New Orleans has to offer.  One of the top romantic weekend getaways in Louisiana is Bourbon Street, which is very easy to find.  Just follow the jazz music and the Cajun food, and you’re there.  With some of the best French wine houses, the most notable jazz bands, and the Mardi Gras parade, you will experience the very heartbeat of Louisiana.  You are sure to be intoxicated by the culture and come away with memories.

If you’ve just married and are going on a honeymoon or you want to take a break from your busy lifestyle and seek out romantic getaways in Louisiana with your loved one, you are sure to spend cozy and obviously, romantic moments in this place. You can even try to surprise your loved one with a weekend romantic getaway in Louisiana without worrying that your loved one will not appreciate what you’ve done. Louisiana is one of the most sought after spots for romantic getaways because it offers exotic places and unforgettable experiences for which lovers come to visit the place.