Tips for Cheap Romantic Getaways

When couples are looking for someplace special to spend time together that won’t cost them a fortune, finding ideas for cheap romantic getaways requires a little planning but the results are well worth the work!  There are a number of choices available that range from free to inexpensive, and as long as you remember that the most important parts of your trip are having fun and spending time together, you may never want to spend a fortune on another trip!  Cheap romantic getaways for honeymoons, babymoons, anniversaries, and more can be found in any price range, as long as you know what to look for.

One option that is growing increasingly popular is house swapping with another couple in a different location.  The idea is fairly simple- you live in their place for a while, while they live in yours.  You only have to pay for your transportation and meals, and usually all you have to do is agree to keep the house in good condition when you leave.  The best choice is if you have friends or family who would be willing to trade, but there are also a number of online networks that arrange swaps in almost any part of the country.  Housing swaps can help you afford a trip that would have otherwise been out of reach due to the cost of hotels and accommodations.

When it comes to cheap, romantic getaways, don’t forget your own backyard!  If you both enjoy the outdoors, remember that camping can be one of the least expensive ways to get some quiet time together.  Leave your cell phones in the car, and leave the laptops and televisions at home, and spend some time cuddling by the fire, hiking through the woods, and snuggling in a tent.  If you want a little less rustic accommodations, you can often find campgrounds that offer showers and places to cook for very little money.  You can even try camping literally in your own backyard- put a tent up and enjoy the feeling of being kids out on an adventure.
Cheap Romantic Getaways
Off season hotels are another source of cheap romantic getaways.  While finding a four star hotel in Aspen during ski season may never fit your budget, staying at that same hotel in the spring and summer months can cost you less that twenty percent of the winter rate.  Usually, off season hotels still offer a number of nearby attractions, great dining, and even access to major amenities such as spas that you would not otherwise be able to afford.

Coming up with cheap romantic getaways requires that you think about things a little differently.  The sooner you start planning your trip, the more likely you are to find a great deal.  Other ideas to consider are majorly discounted airline tickets that are sometimes offered to “mystery” destinations, becoming tourists in your own city, and even making your own home into a romantic bed and breakfast for the weekend by changing décor and making some delicious food.  Coming up with cheap, romantic getaways will help you relax and make your relationship stronger at the same time.